President Director Erlan Hidayat

Erlan Hidayat , 56, trusted to be the Director of PAM Jaya since May 2015. Titled with Bachelor of Economics in Accounting from University of Indonesia , Jakarta , he started his career at Drs . Harsokusumo Santoso’s accounting firm , Member of Arthur Young International (now become Ernst & Young International / E&Y ) since 1982 to 1989, he builds his professional career in some Company , including PT . Twilite Orchestra Production as President Director in1994-1997, Corporate Secretary at TPI ( now MNC TV ) 1997-2000 , Director of PT. Media Investor Online ( The Investor ) 2000-2004 , Managing Director at PT . TUSK Computing Services in 2004-2008 , Managing Director of PT . Prime Petroservices in 2008-2011 , Corporate Secretary PT . MRT Jakarta in 2012-2013 , as well as expert staff management of PT . Jakarta Propertindo since 2013-2014 and as Director of Administration and Finance PT. Jakarta Propertindo in 2014-2015

General Affair Director Untung Suryadi

Untung Suryadi, 46, officiate as the General Affair Director of PAM Jaya since September 2016. He graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology majoring in Petroleum Engineering and Financial Management at CBM Prasetya Mulya Business School. In June 2011. He began his career in 1994 as a Junior Project Engineer in the Oil & Gas Company and then in 1995-2000 he joined PT Astra Graphia as Senior Account Executive to Account Manager. And in 2000 he joined PT. Thames Pam Jaya as a Regular Customer Controller and in 2007 he officiate as a Billing and Reconciliation Manager. Since 2007 - 2011 he was appointed as the Technical Director of PDAM Tirta Kerta Rajasa Tangerang and then in June 2011 he joined PT. AETRA Air Tangerang as GM of Commercial & Customer Service Director. In 2014 he officiate as Director of PT. Aetra Air Tangerang. In addition, he also served as General Secretary of Banten Perpamsi years 2015 - 2016 and became Secretary General of Aspasindo (Association of Private Water Companies Indonesia) from the year 2014 to 2016.

Technical Director Barce Simarmata

Barce Simarmata, 54, started his career as Technical Director of PAM Jaya on September 5, 2016. Since 1988 already joined with PAM Jaya and in 1998 is seconded to PT. PAM Lyonnaise Jaya. Previously, Barce Simarmata held various key positions as Production Manager, Training Manager, Network Distribution Manager, Customer Service Division Head, Construction Division Head and Deputy Director, Operations & Technical at PT. PAM Lyonnaise Jaya. Barce Simarmata  graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung as a bachelor of Chemical Engineering  and a Master of Science from the Institute of Hydraulic and Environment (IHE) Delft.

Members Of The Supervisory Body Drs. Haryo Tienmar, Ak, ME, CPA, CA

Haryo Tienmar , 55, Appointed as PAM JAYA Chairman of the Supervisory Board since January, Owner of Degree in Accounting at the University of Indonesia and a Master degree in Economics at the University of Indonesia, he embarked his career as a manager in Professional Accountants Drs . Hans Kartikahadi since 1984-1988 , Assistant Manager Planning & Control at American Express Bank in 1988-1989 , Commissioner of PT. Viva Main Calvindo from 2002-2010 , and has been the Chairman of Drs . Haryo Tienmar accounting firm which he built since 1989 to present.

Members Of The Supervisory Body Sugeng Supriyanto

Sugeng Supriyanto, 59 years old, served as Secretary of the Agency Supervisor PAM Jaya starting in 2015, he comes from the world of the military with a variety of military education that already traveled as ALSO the sea, Dikspespa, Diklapa Koum Navdir, Seskoal, TNI and Sesko PPRA-the 41 national defence Institute of RI. Some of the work assignment has taken hold as Various Commanders KRI & Dishidros/Fleet Staff, and Guskamla Koarmatim, Kadis Hidros Navy, Dirwilhan Kemhan, Dirtaplai Strahan Ditjen Ideology & Padnas national defence Institute of RI, Specialized Staff Kasal.

Members Of The Supervisory Body Sriwidayanto Kaderi

Sriwidayanto Kaderi , 53, has served as a member of the Supervisory Board of PAM Jaya from 2015. Owner of Mechanical Engineering Degree at the University of Technology Bandung - Bandung , his professional career began as Head of Engineering and Electrical Division of Production at PAM Jaya 1994-1997 , Chief of technical Area 2 in PAM Jaya in 1998 , Manager of technical Support for Production Directorate at Thames PAM Jaya 1998-2000 , Senior Production Manager at Thames PAM Jaya 2000-2006 , Senior Manager of Planning & Development at Thames PAM Jaya 2006-2008 , General Manager of the Central Division at Aetra Air Jakarta 2008-2009, Director of Engineering at PAM Jaya 2009-2012 . Director of PAM Jaya from 2012-2015 .

Management Note

A dynamic growth of Jakarta, directly affects the lifestyle of city dwellers and hope of service offered to the public.

PAM Jaya as a service company that serves the needs of drinking water residents of Jakarta, also required the development of quality and quantity at all times in accordance with the dynamics of Jakarta as the State Capital.

In carrying out its vision and mission, PAM JAYA strives to meet the targets set, so that Jakarta could be the service city and continuously provide services to all residents.

For there are still many shortcomings but PAM Jaya will never stop working for the sake of enhancing customer satisfaction and also for society of Jakarta.

The best thing to do now is open up and take advantage of existing opportunities carefully, measurable and accountable. It is of course to lead the professional performance and quality.

I expect the help and prayers of all layers of the townspeople in general and employees of PAM Jaya in particular, in order to get better service, now and in the future. Let us keep the hope in our hearts towards the quality of people in Jakarta.


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