Jakarta ground water has been sucked up excessively. With a population of 10 million and an average standard requirement of 150 L per person per day, every year the total water needs of all citizens Jakarta amounted to 547.5 million m3. Whereas taps only able to provide 54% of it. While the rest is filled independently by each household from groundwater. This means that a total of 251.8 mill [read more]

Do not use a pipe installation in the home network quality is not good / not in accordance with the standards of pipe taps.

Avoid incorporation of pipeline taps with water pump drain pipe, which arises as a result of going into the water taps in the pump well at night.

The first action to determine whether there is a leak in a pipe installation in the house / yard, please turn off the entire water tap, wait a moment, observe your water meter. If the figure / your water meter needle moves, the possibility of piping in the house / yard you there is a leak.

If there is no activity that uses a lot of water, accounts / usage you suddenly surged. This can be caused by the installation of a pipeline leak in the house / yard or faucets that are not enclosed so the water is wasted.


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