Worms and conch in Water

WARGA Housing Cinta KAsih Tzu Chi Muara Angke, North Jakarta Penjaringan not incessantly suffered due to clean water problems. Imagine, local faucet water is often clogged, and contaminated with faeces and organisms. The case is a piece of a series of clean water problems in Jakarta. "See yourself pack of water. The color is yellow, there are animals like small worms, larvae, and small snails, '' said Anggraeni, resident of GI unit No. 1 D floor 1.

Another resident named Jumitri said that the problem of clean water is not only on quality that is not feasible. But the local faucet water is often clogged or no water. "This was just flowing sir after we went directly to Palyja Office, '' said residents of Block G1 No. 3B.

According to him, the clogged water case becomes a subscription for the residents who are inhabited average by the victims of the eviction. Residents of towers are accustomed to not getting water within 1-2 weeks. "The most severe fit the fasting month pack, '' said Jumitri.

Head of Public Relations of Love Housing Tzu Chi Muara angke Rendra Widyatmo admitted, the rusunnya often problematic with the supply of clean water. It also suffers from water quality problems. Every problem, it always complain to Palyja. "Yes we call, yes we go directly Palyja also pack, '' he said.

As the case of pollution of worm organisms, snails and so on his side also complain to Palyja. Meanwhile Corporate Communications and Social Responsibilities Head of PT Palyja Meyritha Maryanie, when asked the matter stated immediately check first, '' I am still out of town. Again asked (goto the authorities). '' Tukas him. (Dni)

Source: Indopos / Tuesday, May 5, 2015