PAM JAYA Workers Ready to Operate Full

The victory of citizenship (Citizen Lawsuit / CLS) over privatization of clean water management decided by the Central Jakarta District Court (PN) last month was fully anticipated by PAM JAYA employees. PAM JAYA Workers Union Alliance (ASPPJ) URGES DKI Jakarta Government to comply with the court's decision.

That is, the operation of clean water must be returned to PAM JAYA, without any involvement of private parties. "We are here to meet the same perception of Citizen Lawsuit decision to all PAM JAYA employees, PAM JAYA management, stakeholders, DPRD DKI and DKI Provincial Government," said SPHJ Chairman Samhari on the sidelines of the seminar themed "Towards Excellent Community Service, '' at Wisma Tirta, Pejompongan, Central Jakarta, yesterday (19/4).

According to him, all PAM JAYA employees either in PAM JAYA Central office either located at PAM JAYA head office or placed in both private partners are ready to support full operation. "We believe one hundred percent will provide better service if PAM JAYA is fully operational," said Samhari. In contrast, Samhari accused private water operation by the private sector since 1998 until now has not provided service improvement.

"Leakage remains high, water quality is poor, water supply is minimal, and many customer complaints," he said. In addition, PAM JAYA employees' employee welfare employed to two private partners is not increasing. What happens is the income gap with the recruited employees of private partners. "In fact, we were promised to be treated fairly. Nothing is smaller, in fact there is still a gap, "he explained. (dni)

Source: Indopos / Monday April 20, 2015