Press Release

PAM JAYA once again held PAM Islamic Fair 2018


Thursday, May 3, 2018. PAM JAYA will again hold the event PAM ISLAMIC FAIR in order to welcome the coming of the holy month of Ramadan. This year is the 4th time PAM JAYA implement PAM ISMALIC FAIR (PIF) with the theme "Satukan Umat Bersama Al-Quran".

Total participants listed on the 4th PIF are 218 participants consisting of 11 companies: PAM Jaya, PT. AETRA Air Jakarta, PT. PALYJA, PDAM Tirta Bhagasasi Bekasi, PDAM Tirta Asasta Depok, PDAM Tirta Kertaraharja Tangerang, Bureau of Economy of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, PD. Development of Sarana Jaya, PT. Jamkrida, PD. PAL Jaya and PT. Transportation Jakarta.

As in previous years, PIF 4 event will be enlivened by various competitions between BUMD employees, PDAM buffer Jakarta and SKPD in DKI Jakarta, namely:

  1. Intelligent Contest Islamic Competition
  2. Competition Greeting Greetings
  3. Best Mosque Competition
  4. Murrotal Competition
  5. Islamic Poster Competition
  6. Tahfidz race
  • Juz 30
  • Juz 30 (the last 15 letters)
  1. The Best Musholla Competition
  2. The Azan Competition
  3. Competition

For further information please contact:

Linda Nurhandayani

Public Relations Manager of PAM Jaya