Press Release

Before Ramadhan, PAM JAYA held Syukuran


Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Board of Directors of PAM Jaya held a one-day celebration event before Ramadan with their employees. The event was held in the form of a joint breakfast between the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, Officials and also PAM Jaya Employees, in addition there are also representatives of employees Palyja and Aetra.

"This commemoration is routinely conducted every year by PAM Jaya, the moment of Ramadhan is always waiting for us and as our beginning (Board of Directors) want to stay in touch and apologize to all employees" PAM Jaya President Director Erlan Hidayat said.

In the ceremony, Erlan also emphasized to make Ramadan momentum as a place to improve, especially in improving positive performance in work environment, because PAM Jaya is built by positive synergy from all employees who work in it.


Every entering the month of Ramadhan, PAM Jaya actively organizes various activities. Starting with Pam Islamic Fair which was held on May 3, 2018 contains various competitions between BUMD and SKPD in Jakarta Provincial Government, and Events of Faith and Taqwa (Mabit) Bina. At Ramadan PAM Jaya will hold a Ramadan Daily Dzuhur Study; Benefit of Orphans and widows of retired PAM Jaya employees; break the fast with all employees of PAM Jaya and the PAM Jaya Pensioners; and I'tikaf together. In the month of Shawwal or after Ramadhan, PAM Jaya will hold Halal Bi Halal for all employees of PAM Jaya, Aetra and Palyja.