The Water theft Blooded

PDAM Tertibkan Beverage Packaging Manufacturer
ACTORS bottled water industry turned out to join the cause of loss of water that had been experienced by PDAM Jaya and its private partners. Such conditions have been very fear for. Such as bottled mineral water company located in Cengkareng, West Jakarta, proved to steal water for years. As a result, taps harmed tens of billions of dollars.
Yet recently, the North Jakarta District Court sentenced the owner of Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Private Networking illegal in the network because of stealing water taps. Offender sentenced to 5 years in prison and a fine of Rp 1 billion. While retrospective case series, the latest theft was found in Jalan Telaga, Kampung Bojong Indah, RT 05/11, Keluraha Rawa Buaya, Cengkareng, West Jakarta.
Bottled water products with the raw materials it uses anita stolen water and produced by PT Multi sinimmor Jaya. In the pack also contained no BPOM registration. Manager NRW (Non Revenue Water) PAM JAYA region of West Napitupulu Effendi said, the disclosure of water theft cases that originated from suspicion it.
Once traced, found three illegal connections. Namely three-point pipe connects with 4 inch pipe network taps. "Initially we saw the suspicion of water discharge database. Then we found a field to plant activities. The third connection is no water meter, '' said Effendi.
Illegal connection was connected to a reservoir tanks for water packaging materials. The above findings, the PAM JAYA directly disconnect. Even officers have met the owner of the mineral water company. "He summoned Iwan. He pled guilty and put the body if processed legally, "said Effendi.
He also urged the water operators, PT PAM Lyonnaise Jaya (Palyja) to menindaklanjut legal complaints process. For adapted to each task area of ​​private partners. The goal is that there is a deterrent effect against perpetrators of other clean water thieves. "The person confessed to the theft of four years. But I is paranoid over. Where no thief does admit, "said Effendi.
Meanwhile, Corporate Communications & Social Responbilities Division Head PALYJA Meyritha Maryanie said it reported the case to Polresto West Jakarta. "This illegal connection is one of the 15 findings of illegal connection and 2 findings illegal use in joint operations PALYJA-PAM JAYA were carried out for 2 days in the Bojong Indah, '' said Mey.
Curbing the illegal connection is one step to reduce ingkat lose water (NRW). So that customers can enjoy adequate clean water. By kareta it PALYJA appealed to customers and others who know all forms of indication of water theft to report to the Ethics Committee PALYJA at number 081808725952 or by email ethics.committe@palyja.co.id. (Dni) Source: Indopos / Friday 17 april 2015