Tariffs Still Discussed


JAKARTA - PD PAM JAYA together with the Provincial Government of DKI and the Central Government still discuss the amount of water tank absorption rate of Jatiluhir I Water Supply System.

PD PAM JAYA President Director Erlan Hidayat said, until now the discussion on the tariff rate of bulk water absorption system of drinking water supply (SPAM) Jatiluhur I still done. "The Jatiluhur still discussed the tariff point, So far, PAM has bought bulk water from Tangerang, already since the beginning there is private cooperation, has 20 years more," he told Business recently.
The water demand for DKI reaches 23,000 liters per second. Until now, the production of about 19,000 liters per second .. During this time, DKI get water supply of 15% of Tangerang in the form of bulk water at a price of about Rp. 2,800 per cubic meter. Estimated in 4 years to 5 years into the future, the need will reach Rp. 3,200 per cubic meter.
"PAM JAYA is trying to keep the price of Jatiluhur SPAM not far from Tangerang's price," said Erlan. Meanwhile, Director General of Cipta Karya Sri Hartoyo said, the filing of the tariff of the bulk water has been done which is estimated around Rp. 4,000 per cubic meter. The bulk water border tariff is used in the auction when the bidder can take the lowest of the upper limit. "Still the discussion of the bulk water tariff. After meeting the new tariff auctioned, '' he said. SPAM Jatiluhur I will have a capacity of about 4,000 liters per second. The source of water comes from the Jatiluhur Dam. Investment of SPAM Jatiluhur I development reached Rp 4 Trillion. "If the installation of distribution downstream of it around Rp. 10 Trillion is indeed a bit expensive. Installation in East Jakarta, Central and South, "he said.
The PUPR Ministry can assist some or all of the main distribution network development. The tertiary distribution network and home connections will be implemented by DKI government and PDAM The government will speed up the construction of three SPAMs in Jakarta to increase the availability of raw water in the capital.
In addition to Jatilihur I, two other SPAM are Karian and Jatiluhur 2. The construction of the three SPAMs is targeted to be completed by 2020. According to the plan, the three SPAM will produce water with a capacity of 13,200 liters per second. Meanwhile, Jakarta waga water needs about 20,000 liters per second.
So far, 80% of the water needs of Jakarta residents comes from West Tarum Jatilihur Reservoir. By 2015, water flowed to Jakarta is 16.1 cubic meters per second.
Source: Bisnis Indonesia, Saturday 23 June 2018