Improving Performance of PDAM Lampung Province, BPPSPAM and PAM JAYA Donate 950 Meters of Water

BPPSPAM member, Popy Indrawati Janto and Senior General Administration Manager of PAM JAYA, Daryanto handed over 950 units of Water Meters to 3 (three) PDAMs in Lampung Province, Tuesday (01/10/19). The details of the number of meter units to each PDAM that gets help are 300 units for PDAM Pringsewu Regency; 450 units for PDAM East Lampung Regency and 200 units for PDAM Tulang Bawang Regency.

Popy hopes that the PDAM Community Development Program in the form of a Water Meter Grant Aid initiated by BPPSPAM can be used as a stimulus to accelerate the performance improvement of recipient PDAMs. While the next task to improve performance must be carried out by the local government.

"BPPSPAM will monitor the process of installing water meters for a full year and conduct an evaluation after the installation of water meters so that the benefits can be felt by the receiving PDAMs and can be continued by the local government," Popy said.

If the pilot project program is successful, BPPSPAM will encourage other Healthy PDAMs to participate in this program.

"There are many healthy PDAMs that are willing to help and other sick PDAMs are lining up, but we will see the results first. Hopefully, as expected," he continued.

Daryanto hopes that the Water Meter Grant Aid Program can increase the income of 3 PDAMs that receive assistance so that it can gradually improve the PDAM's overall performance. It was also conveyed that in addition to making routine water meter changes, the PDAM must also implement efficient production costs through energy efficiency and reduce water loss.

"Regular water meter replacement is crucial for the growth of PDAMs because in addition to revenue recording it is also the customer's right to get their rights to obtain accurate water consumption usage recording services," said Daryanto.

For PAM JAYA, this program is one part of Corporate Social Responsibility in 2019. Other programs included in the PAM JAYA CSR are the development of ready-to-drink water in 31 locations in DKI Jakarta, the development of education in collaboration with the Islamic Education Foundation for PAM JAYA Employees through SDIT and TKIT Al Azhar Jatikramat.

The Director of PDAM Lampung Timur, Mertadinata as Representative of PDAM Beneficiary is committed to using the assistance to improve drinking water services to the community and increase PDAM revenue.

The customer of East Lampung PDAM, Suratno (51 years) who lives in Gg. Indomaret, Sribhawono East Lampung hopes that by installing a new water meter, the number of water fees to be paid to the PDAM will be clearer.

"So far, the PDAM has been using fees for using the" firing "system (assuming. Red) so that I have to pay dearly. Hopefully, if the water meter has been installed it can be cheaper because we use less water," Suratno said.

Meanwhile, another customer of PDAM Lampung Timur, Mrs. Nur (36 years) hopes that besides making water meters the PDAM also makes an online payment system so that people can make payments easier.