Ready Drinking Water Taps Will Be Installed In Tourist Sites

Make it easier for people to consume clean water for free, PAM JAYA plans to make a place of tap water ready to drink at several locations Tour in Jakarta.

Managing Director of PAM JAYA Sriwidayanto Kaderi, said that almost all airports have installed the equipment. "Therefore, we plan to provide drinking water taps in several locations," he said, at the "Tap Doors to Serve with Heart" in Pinus Elok Rusun, Penggilingan, Cakung, East Jakarta, Sunday (24/5).

According to him, ready-to-drink water tap that uses a fountaine machine (water treatment equipment to be directly drunk-red) has been prepared several units of PAM JAYA as water providers will supply to some point that will be the location. : This water is safe for people to drink. "

Placement of water tap ready to drink his plan at Fatahillah Museum, Si Pitung House, Monas, Taman Suropati. It will add to the collection of PAM JAYA such as North Jakarta Mayor Office, Baiturrohman Mosque. "In every implementation of car free day and activities of the Local Government of DKI we also often put this stand," he said, while showing the faucet that provides cold and hot drinking water.


It also supports the park building program. The reason is, nowadays the making of child friendly park is being held up by the city government. "We are also trying to provide facilities in some of these parks," he said.
To support the implementation of placement of tap water ready to drink, it will hold PT. Palyja and PT Aetra as water providers. Moreover, to provide the equipment worth Rp 50 million will not be burdensome. Now that we are thinking about how to maintain the equipment, "he said.