"Knock the door Serve With Heart"

PAM JAYA provided free drinking water for the "Knock the door Serve With Heart" event held on Sunday, May 24, 2015 at Rusun Pinus Elok, Penggilingan Cakung, East Jakarta. Providing a portable fountain Free drinking tap service for residents of pine towers Elok Penggakingan Cakung East Jakarta is one of the activities of CSR PAM JAYA which is principled on social pillars.

Free drinking water is not the first time given by PAM JAYA, in the event of car free day every Sunday in Central Jakarta Sudirman for example, PAM JAYA always present in the middle of society of DKI Jakarta to give free drinking water to the road user.

As explained by the President Director of PAM JAYA, Ir. H. Sriwidayanto Kaderi that PAM JAYA is planning to build water-ready taps in a number of parks, business premises, and other public places in DKI Jakarta. This is so that people can easily get drinking water without having to buy.