Clean Water Aid for Flood Victims

Needs of Jakarta citizens affected by floods Not only food and medicine But clean water and decent consumption is the main requirement that the citizens of jakarta affected by the flood.

Along with the vision and mission of PAM JAYA is to provide clean water services to the people of DKI Jakarta as a whole oriented to customer satisfaction, then when the floods hit some residents of DKI Jakarta, PAM JAYA is ready to help and serve the clean water needs of the victims.

PAM JAYA installed a tool capable of turning dirty water into proper water and can be used by flood refugees, Water purifier or water purifier is in pairs at several points of flood Among those at the refuge site Sentra street market Lima dharma women 3 ( three) Kelurahan Rawa Buaya, Cengkareng Sub-district, West Jakarta.

Refugees who are victims of the flood are very happy with the help of tools that produce clean water from PAM JAYA Because the water is the main needs of the needs of refugees and flood victims To drink, bathe, wash and clean dirty household appliances due to flooding