Water Philosophy

By Mochamad Walid

In science, water is explained as a chemical substance consisting of oxygen and hydrogen compounds. At room temperature water can dissolve other substances such as salt, sugar and others. Water is the only chemical compound that is unique on this earth because it has anomalous properties. Which if the other substances will shrink if the temperature decreases, water actually expands if the temperature decreases. And in plain view, if we want to know the specific gravity of an object that we encounter, by placing it on the surface of the water, then we will know, how about the specific gravity of the object, floating or sinking? Meanwhile, most of the surface of the planet is covered by water. So that water then becomes a medium of transportation that has been used by humans since the beginning of civilization on this earth until now.

When compared to other substances that exist on this earth, water is an object that never runs out because it has a specific cycle of liquid can become solid or gas and can melt again. So that water is an object that seems to be ‘eternal’ on this earth. Other objects that have liquid properties (liquid) such as petroleum. It does not cycle and cannot be renewed. Once the object is used, it will leave carbon and not allow it to return to oil again. Meanwhile, to get water, we don't need to explore. We just go to the river or lake will see abundant water. In the rainy season even water just poured out of the sky.

Water is the most beneficial thing to life and only exists on planet Earth. Of the many hundred million planets in the Milky Way galaxy, until now only new water is known to exist on planet Earth. Therefore water is a symbol of life. That is, the life of all living things on this earth depends on water. But the way to use water for life, between humans and other creatures is different. If cork fish can live in dirty pools of water, it turns out humans don't. Humans must process it to use it because humans know that water can dissolve as deep as various substances that are impossible for humans to consume.

So what is interesting about water when discussed after knowing the existence of water according to science and health for humans? Apparently, this question will bring our thoughts about water which initially understood its chemical nature to an understanding of water in relation to its symbolic meaning. Symbolic meaning is meaning that can only be captured by the intellect that does not require research in the laboratory. Symbolic meaning will be lived out when contemplating its existence as the creation of Almighty God. Why is God created water so abundantly as air (oxygen) which is also abundant by God? Why did God not create food (rice) as what water dwells in the lake or river? That is roughly one way for humans to contemplate to get meaning about what they see or feel.

We certainly will have difficulty answering, why did God not create abundant food and just take it in the river or just pour it out of the sky like water? Difficult to find definitive answers as it is science that will guide human consciousness, that the creation of the universe and everything in it is not arbitrary (random). Even the most famous 20th-century physicist Albert Einstein once said that God did not play dice with his creation. In other words, God plans everything for everything in detail. While the atheists (agnostic) say, that this creation is mere coincidence.

I imagine, if God also created food as the water that lives in the lake at any time, surely human creativity would not be triggered and civilization would stagnate because human intelligence would not develop. And it turns out, God predestined humans to respect water and manage it to grow crops for food. Even in this 21st century, humans are not only required to be smarter in managing water because the population continues to increase. Because water can also cause great catastrophe if it is not managed properly as happened in the story of Noah, or drowning Pharaoh in the story of Moses.
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