Water and Sustainability

The term sustainability is a term that is more often used in reviews about the environment (environment) than other fields. But it must be recognized, that the use of the term sustainability or sustainability is also often used in articles about energy. Even the term 'sustainable development' is often mentioned in another article. Then what are the important points of sustainability in relation to water? Yet as we know in science, that water continues to undergo a cycle that never runs out naturally and can be in the form of solid, liquid and steam. Actually, what we want to present in this review is a matter of environmental hazard in relation to the environment (nature) which has been continuously producing and supplying water to living things on earth.

As we know, water is needed not only by humans, but by all living things. Even water is a medium of life for species of fish that are a source of food for humans and other creatures. However, due to the possibility of natural damage due to hazardous industrial waste and the recent climate change that can cause water quality to change and is dangerous if consumed by humans and other living things. Therefore, awareness on sustainability then arises, which means that humans are required to pay attention to the quality of the environment so that basic needs such as water are guaranteed to be able to supply the needs of human life.

As written in "Himalayan Glaciers, Climate Change, Water resources and water security (2012), at least we will be able to understand what the impact of climate change on our environment on water needs and vice versa too much water (flooding) due to environmental hazards can be a threat for humans to get food. Cases of deforestation or deforestation in Nepal and Pakistan have reportedly threatened to kill potential water sources. The case in the Himalayas is actually not the only case about water related to environmental quality. FAO regional office of Africa, in Nature and Fauna volume 27, in its editorial written under the title; Managing Africa's water resources, integrating sustainable use of land, forests and fisheries. The substance of the editorial refers to the importance of maintaining the quality of the environment for the availability of water as a basic need for human life.

Some cases that occur in this hemisphere will certainly realize us how important it is to manage our nature and environment well so that the water supply which is a basic human need can be guaranteed. DKI Jakarta, which needs a very large amount of clean water, of course also has an interest in a campaign on sustainability specifically so that the availability of water raw materials can be guaranteed safe. And of course, the sustainability propaganda is also so that abundant water does not cause repeated flooding in the capital city.