Drinking Water Tariff

Based on the Regulation of the Governor of DKI Jakarta Province Number 91 of 2017 on the Second Amendment to Governor Regulation Number 11 Year 2007 on Auto Tariff Adjustment (PTO) of Drinking Water Semester 1, Year 2007
Group Tariff Code Customer Description Rate Use of Water
0-10 m3 11-20 m3 20 m3
Group I 1A Social House - Dormitory Rp. 1.050 Rp. 1.050 Rp. 1.050
1B Orphanage - Dormitory
1C Religious Place
5A Hydrant and Public Tap
Group II 1D Government Hospital Rp. 1.050 Rp. 1.050 Rp. 1.575
2A1 Very Low Household
5F1 Very Simple Apartment
5FP Rumah Susun Sewa Sederhana Rp. 1.050 Rp. 7.450 Rp. 7.450
Group III A 2A2 Low Level Household Rp. 3.550 Rp. 4.700 Rp. 5.500
5B Water Station and Car Tank
5F2 Simple Apartment
3A Small Stop
Group III B 2A3 Middle Level Household Rp. 4.900 Rp. 6.000 Rp. 7.450
2E1 Non Commercial Private Institution
3B1 Small Service Station
3C1 Small Commercial
3D1 Small Commercial in Household
3Q Trading / Commercial Company / Shop House / Shop
5F3 Medium Apartment
Group IV A 2A4 Abov Middle Class Household Rp. 6.825 Rp. 8.150 Rp. 9.800
2B Embassy / Consulate
2C Govement Institution Office
2D Foreign Representative Office
2E Commercial Private Institution
2F Education Institution / Course
2G Army Institution
3B Middle Service Station
3C Middle Commercial
3D Middle Commercial in House
3E Barber Shop
3F Tailor
3G Restaurant
3H Private Hospital / Policlinic / Laboratory
3I Doctor Clinic
3J Lawyer Office
3K Hotel (Non Star)
4A Small Industry
5FA Above Middle Class / Apartment
Group IV B 3L Hotel (1,2,3 Star)/ Motel / Cottage Rp. 12.550 Rp. 12.550 Rp. 12.550
3M Steambath / Beauty Salon
3N Night Club / Cafe
3O Bank
3P Services Station, Big Workshop
3R Hotel (4,5 Star)
3S High Rise Building / Apartment / Condominium
4B Ice Factory
4C Food / Beverage Factroy
4D Chemical / Pharmacy / Cosmetic Factory
4E Industrial Factory /Warehouse
4F Textile Factory
4G Warehouse / Other Commercial
5C Water Barge
5E Ancol Harbour
Group V 5D Tanjung Priok Harbour Rp. 14.650 Rp. 14.650 Rp. 14.650