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The development of the construction of Rusun in Jakarta as a shelter for residents affected by the relocation is concerning for PAM JAYA particularly the issue of compliance with clean water for residents of the Rusun. Today Chairman of the Board of Supervisors PAM JAYA (Haryo Tienmar), accompanied by the Director (Erlan Hidayat), Secretary of the Board of Supervisors (Sugeng Supriyanto) and Member of the Supervisory Board (Sri Widayanto Kaderi) directly monitor the condition of clean water for the people living in Rusun.

The first visit is in Rusun Muara Baru, Waduk Pluit which built by Jakarta Provincial Government in 2013 with a capacity of 1,200 heads of household. PAM JAYA supply water to the Rusun Waduk Pluit by using water as raw water. With bad raw water conditions, PAM Jaya continues to work for the quantity and quality to fulfill the need or residents in Rusun. The water produced is still not sufficient quantity. But since April 7, 2016 PAM JAYA adding aerators to increase production capacity. Director of PAM Jaya, Erlan Hidayat said that "Currently, the capacity of the water has reached 460m3 / day. 400m3 comes from Water Treatment Plant operated by utilizing PAM JAYA an Waduk Pluit as raw water where previously capacity was only 240m3 / day, and the rest 60 m3/day come from water tank sent by PAM Jaya and PALYJA every day ".

Next the group are monitoring Rusun Pesakih, Daan Mogot which has three blocks with a capacity of 640 heads of household. At present, Rusun Daan Mogot has four deep wells as raw water for 3 treatment plants. The total production capacity of all the installation as much as 4.50 lps. PAM JAYA developing water supply by installing a Tubular Membrane Filter on one installation bringing total capacity to 7 lps. In quantity, water in Rusun Pesakih Daan Mogot still relatively quite, but the raw water quality is still poor, thus it become PAM JAYA's attention. It is also revealed by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PAM Jaya, Haryo Tienmar "water in Rusun Pesakih be sufficient for the needs of the people here, but there is still complaining about the quality, still slightly sticky. This is due to the poor quality of existing raw water, we're working to find additional raw water together with the Department of Housing to look for new wells with better quality "he said.


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